We are VERY excited to tell you about our FIRST Kickstarter. It’s an app that wakes you up with 10 minutes of yoga. No more annoying alarm clocks, no more snoozing, just waking up calm, centered and balanced.

Picture this, you’re in bed, sleeping, possibly dreaming and you start to hear the soft sounds of music begin to play. It’s not an alarm so you do not want it to stop, you want it to continue. And then after a few minutes, the soft voice of a yoga instructor beings to speak. He/she tells you to start focusing on your breathing. Then asks you to start wiggling your fingers and toes and eventually moving into a full body stretch, maybe even a yawn. Before you know it you’re awake, on your feet and the yoga instructor is saying something inspirational to help you get up and go and be the person that you were meant to be.

This is our Kickstarter, this is "yoga wake up". We are seeking partners to help us bring this app to life. We want to get the best instructors, record them in the best studios and license the best music. The app will be free with a handful of free wake ups, but users will be able to purchase additional wake ups for a minimum of 99 cents.

So check out our Kickstarter, watch our video and if you like it, back us and maybe even share our Kickstarter with your friends.


Thank you all in advance for your support!