HERE'S A THOUGHT: Let's start jotting down our resolutions as they come to mind so when 2015 begins, we have a clear vision of what's ahead and can take the necessary steps to MAKE. SHIT. HAPPEN. Below's a short list guaranteed to generate health and happiness! 


Courtesy of YOGASCAPES. Bali Retreat April 24-30, 2015

Go on a health retreat!  We are thrilled to have just begun representing YOGASCAPES, which will take students to Bali, Iceland, Nicaragua, Patagonia and a number of other destinations in 2015.  We believe in the power of a yoga retreat and plan to escape on one of their many offerings some time next year.  Deciding that you want to attend a retreat is a very personal decision - many people go alone and it can be scary, exhilarating and thought-provoking - it can help you get closer to self discovery and well, it can change your life.  

My 2014 resolution was to take a retreat and I went to India knowing only the teacher and one other person.  I created lifelong friendships and learned about the kind of person I want to be. Deepening my yoga practice was a bonus.  We highly recommend you indulge yourself and take the challenge.  It is such a rewarding experience from which you will grow, make friends and perhaps, find yourself.

Kick that bad habit.  For me, last year it was coffee.  I started drinking smoothies with Philosophie's Green Dream or Cacao Magic superfood powders.  I decided to make a smoothie every morning.  Suddenly that ritualistic warm brew no longer seemed necessary and what I craved upon waking was a green smoothie instead. 

This year, the habit to kick is driving everywhere because it's what I am supposed to do.  When I returned from Burning Man I felt inspired to keep the biking going and if I was going 3-4 miles or less, as I do almost daily, I ought to bike.  It's green, it's healthy and why not?  It allows life to slow down a little and forces us to look around (not text and drive) and SEE!  Anyway, it lasted about two weeks.  This New Year, I want to make bicycling a priority and stick with it.  Once it is habit-forming, I will forget I've got an alternate mode and save that for long distances and rainy days.

Finally, GIVE BACK.  There are so many ways to do it but for starters I want to volunteer.  I want to use my free time to teach, share, hug, love.  We all can do our part.  If time is an issue, give money.  There are also so many gifts that give back such as The Neshama Project, started by gifted yogi Rachelle Tratt, in which 10 percent of ALL proceeds go to one of two causes dear to her heart: Innovation Africa and Zeno Mountain Farm.  Support small businesses.  Support local and support friends.  The more you do it the more natural it feels.

The beauty here is that even if you only do it for a bit or you only do it once, it is for the good and you should feel proud and happy with what you did.

Please join the conversation and share your resolutions with us!  We can motivate eachother to stick with it!

<3 Kamala